Boise Old School Variant


Mana Burn – Yes
Fallen Empires – Yes

Book Promos
Nalathni Dragon – yes
Arena – Yes
Sewers of Estark – Yes
Giant Badger – Yes
Windseeker Centaur – Yes
Mana Crypt – 1

Infinite Plague Rats
Ante Cards – only during Ante matches

Restricted list
Power Nine, Balance, Braingeyser, Chaos Orb, Channel, Demonic Tutor, Library of Alexandria, Mana Drain, Mind Twist, Regrowth, Sol Ring, Wheel of Fortune, Mishra’s Workshop, Shahrazad, Time Vault, Strip Mine, Mana Crypt

Non-foil original-art old-frame reprints allowed
CE/IE Allowed
World Champ cards allowed
Artist Proofs and Hand-made proxies (with recognizable and non-confusing artwork) allowed.

Paris Mulligan
Continuous Artifacts turn off when tapped
Modern Instants rules